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what is email marketing services?

What is the Best Email Marketing Service/Platform?

You should know that the email marketing Service consists of two main things. The SMTP server is a server that sends an email engine and we have an email marketing management application. We can manage and monitor your advertising campaigns so we can combine the two to create a complete email marketing system. I think the idea is very simple. All this is described in my channel and in my foot course series. The important thing to know is that when you want to build this email marketing system we have three main options and you should choose one of these options according to your business as a marketer according to your type. Let’s talk about this a bit.

 Please pay attention to me It is very important to understand the different email marketing systems and therefore we said that when we combine an SMTP service and an email marketing app we have an email marketing system Now the first option is an email marketing company like MailChimp Aweber Go with and get feedback. So these companies will make things very easy for you in one platform. The simplest second option is to integrate the program into one platform. You can install and use your own email marketing application, but you must subscribe to an SMTP service, the second part of the email marketing system, and you will receive an SMTP service such as Amazon. You can review videos on my channel in detail on Amazon SES like SCS like Sparkpost or Mail Gun.

 You will then integrate with your own email marketing app and use this service to send your emails. The third option is to make everything from scratch. You have your own email marketing app and you have your own SMTP server, so you need to build everything now. I want to bother Chief I go with a company and do everything from that company. This lecture So why do you choose to build your own server when using an SMTP service and when using a company without us choosing a company? Use your own system, so if you know this idea please write to them in front of you so we have three options so we can understand the concept of having an email marketing system. 

So now I think the idea of ​​e-mail is a clear marketing system and how to choose simply according to your situation We have two main types of options to choose from We will talk about them in a minute. So when it comes to e-mail sellers, there are two main types of e-mail sellers. The cold sender or affiliate promoters, also known as wholesalers or cold mailers, offer higher offers than wholesalers, and we’re legitimate for what I call regular email sellers. They collect and build email lists that disrupt their traffic and send promotional emails to increase traffic and sales. This is one of the two types of email marketers. I believe it is important to understand what email marketing service to choose. So the first thing you need to know for yourself is where you are a wholesaler or if you have an online business that collects emails and builds lists and sends promotional emails so we can choose your type and follow up with four key friends.

 If the first type of wholesaler is simply a wholesaler then what you should choose is that you can not use a company that does not use email marketing companies like MailChimp Aweber and by doing so you will be on the bad list. I have done a lot of research on this and I have received a lot of feedback on this and you cannot send bulk emails using an email marketing company. You will be listed badly, so don’t bother with the email marketing companies you want without wasting your time. Better to go with your own email marketing system using SMTP service or build everything from scratch, build everything from scratch. Your own system should have complete control over everything. Then your reputation can control your sending points and everything else. Even if you use 3m SMTP like Amazon SES and Grid, these companies can detect and block any public mail. So the best option is to build your own email marketing system, your own SMTP, and your own application.

 If you want anyway my channel and I have a series of complete foot courses on it. Now we have a second type. Typical email marketers are people who have websites that have email collectors have something to promote their own service and so what to do? If you are a beginner and you have started your business now you do not have a follower base and you can go and register with an email Go to Marketing Company Choose any company MailChimp Aweber and start with a free plan and see how everything works now. If you have a large subscriber base, contact ten thousand lead or twenty thousand customers or if you go with MailChimp. 

For example here you have MailChimp price Click on your quote, then you go and choose like fifteen or twenty-five thousand you will see that it costs you about two hundred dollars a month and this price is not suitable for anyone, so how high can it be for some? If you are a beginner or perhaps do not have such a large online business and then you can not handle the prices of email marketing companies I advise you to go with a premium SMTP service like Amazon SCS. Your own email marketing app is mainstream and you can start sending emails with you in as little as a day or two and then pay as you go, then you can send up to 100,000 emails from just ten loaders and Amazon SES.

 Really cool, I’ll talk a lot about this, you can review my channel and my playlist on Amazon SES, so if you have a large contact list this is the first choice and if you do not have that budget choose a premium SMTP service with email marketing The app is built for you If you need a semi-email marketing system or you have the patience, time and effort to learn and set it up, you can choose to build your own SMTP. If you need an MVP server for a few nights, you may have it. You are cheap only VPS server and everything else will be unlimited email unlimited customers. You can send as many emails as your client can handle.

 So if you are a beginner let’s add back. If you do not have the budget to build your own system, it will be very cheap and I recommend starting with Amazon SCS. It’s very easy super powerful and super cheap. If you have that small budget you can go and get started with MailChimp, or you can install it for free. If there are people like this, this is how it works. Usually, this large number should give you a high monthly income. $ 200 or m ybe $ 500 means it’s not that big of a deal, but sometimes you have a big follower base. In my case, I have a large number of my followers but I do not always send Promotional Email I do not always use email marketing to sell my services. Not all of my email updates are newsletters and maybe articles and articles and notifications. 

My Website Maybe MailChimp With Free Email Marketing Company Plan I have a company to choose from We have a number of companies MailChimp Aweber GetResponse and if so you have four main points to consider when choosing an email marketing service or company. Please review them in detail in my article on Email Marketing Startup Guide It is very important now. It is attached to the description below. I have explained to you all the email marketing concepts that he explained everything in this article. After you have done a lot of research and testing on these companies you will know that the prices are pretty much the same especially if you start with five thousand or fifteen the sand connection prices will be the same yes they may vary but there are a few other features like split tests like sales funnel Everything is simple to use.

 All have good support Pricing is pretty much the same and the main ones are the basic email marketing features yes some are as popular as MailChimp I also use MailChimp, but you can check out any company you want. It’s not such a big deal for you. After you go and read them you can choose the one that suits you. I think the idea is somehow simple now because of the features it gives you.

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