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How to marketing App With No Budget – 5 Juicy App Marketing Strategies


When you need functional packaging content in the app business, you’ll be the young creator of Master’s dot-com. Today I want to give you five active juice businesses that you can run when you need them. We have some money for the marketing look and maybe we spend all our money on bootstrapping or maybe development and very little leftover for real marketing. Like you, Steve, I have no money for you sorry I will not hire you but please give me some action tips that I can use to enhance my downloads, then I am going to give you not just the basics you have already heard but the smart juice business you can use here is a card for one of my favorite videos to work with on your download number one.

 One of my previous podcasts guesses the strategy she used to work with influencers. The beginning of her app She was interacting with them and was trying to give a beta version of the app and when it finally launched she had a very successful launch and she paid over ten thousand dollars in sales as an app and it A great example of someone who works is contacting influencers who are not saying you should wear my app but hey would you please check out my app? We hope it adds real value to you. Let us know what you would like to see in the app and we & # 39; ll give you a free premium version of the app, I love this story because it shows the haste you need when you do not have the money. That’s what you need to do to promote the app, so it’s a good story and checks out that story The other thing you can do when you work with an influencer creates the app with Influencer. 

This app is very popular when Apple first released their sticker feature many years ago and lets you do it Hey Big Influencer I would love to create a sticker app for you and promote it to your audience and we go 5050 or so. Whatever the revenue chair, you will share it with the distributor because you need a distribution channel and the App Store is no longer a distribution channel and you can trust the followers of those influencers to be your distribution channel. How you can do it If you think about Harry Potter and the licensing deal you are working with, it’s a licensee you pay for, but it gives you organic downloads, then I’ll have you showcase and past how you work with it. The podcast is a great episode about getting involved with a guest, where he talks about how to get licenses from major sports. He can do it, but if you think about licensing any topic from Harry, Pot PewDiePie has a huge influence on all of these types of influential deals, and I’ve beaten them all one by one. But if it is one way from the beginning you can start stimulating that network and get two huge organic download numbers.

 Create Juicy Content I wrote this blog post Oh Snap Still on the days of launching an app on my camera Outside it is not the best app, so do not check it out, but at the same time, I wrote this article saying hey apple. I installed your camera app. If you read that article, the current Apple camera you have is very similar to all the features that I said were wrong when I first launched the Apple Camera app in 2014, then you will see that I’m proud of the camera app They took a lot of my suggestions to fix and fix the camera app to the default camera app you currently see on your iPhone but it ran tens of thousands of views very well in the first few days of getting it. By this design the Reddit blog made me forget what the name was but people were killing me saying I could not believe that this person did this app because of such a dumb idea but took a hundred emails down to the website. The post I said hey guys if you agree or disagree then when this app comes out go to this website and enter your email address. 

At the time I made it very simple, and every time someone entered an email address I was told what it does instead of going to Mill Champ or email in the fullest sense of the word and the service provider emailed it to me in person and emailed me from that website Sent a hundred and I had to import it to MailChimp. But there is one way you can do it. All the clickbyte type articles you can think of can now start thinking through how you can stimulate that article. Obviously what worked best for me was that I believed in the product and that it was a product error and calling a big name company in the title helps to do that If you can not make money create that content be creative in the content you can create. This is because with social media these days it can go viral number 3. This is a strategy and we connect to the card as we do. It’s one of my favorite strategies, and giving a reporter something special to launch your apps on now means that they’re the first to do it because they were more likely to cover the story of what you’re doing to the reporter. 

People who get to write about a story with reporters and news come out with a lot of stories because it feels like a special report if only a reporter can report it first. You will join that post, so you’re 99% sure that the reporter will open it if you restrict it to the subject line, so if you restrict it to Steve or the reporter’s name they are more likely to open that email and then you hit them with a pitch And you say that this is limited to you. Now if you want to know more about that video check it out. But let me tell you how it works and how you follow up with the reporter. Of course, you can only go to one publication at a time when you are using this particular strategy, but I was able to access the next site of the TechCrunch Huffington Post using these four unique strategy numbers and they know you do not need to ask about it. But yes, there is another video on the card above, but looking at its market research, more than 2 million app stores have been flooded on Google Play, and Apple stores have been flooded with apps close to that 2 million. 

New ideas for having an app in the app store are no longer cool, so find out what market research does in the app space and how you can change it up a bit. Now I’m recording another video these days on how to rearrange the smart system and how it mixes and adapts the different features you like about different apps and so find out which apps make the most money from what people pay for.There is a unique twist that you can put on the types of apps you can bring to market, maybe you no longer want to be the biggest player. Especially if you are going to be an Indian you have to do all you have to do is do enough market research then you understand hey I can earn eight to twelve thousand to twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand a month if I can get so many downloads through organic search this Can create an application of sorts. You can put your unique rotation on it and then stimulate in ASO to get those downloads and finally guys I did an interview with my friend David. 

I was given a rack for a new concert. That color switch has more than a quarter of a billion downloads, and he claims that the 41st app he created is Rice Insights, that he’s creating dumb apps, and that he’s creating a lot of different games. Angry Birds being the fifty-first game. If you think about it, the first tip changes the forty-first game. The final tip is to create apps if you are interested in creating apps. Even when you don’t have your first app, you still have that desire. Go on, you and each of them have the same story. I thought my first app would get a million downloads. We’ll all be sorry, I’m still talking to people in the app store. When I first launched my app in 2011 the crowds still had that story, I had the impression that my first apps would get thousands of downloads and millions of downloads because the app store was not crowded. 

Downloads did not lead to anything, so if you are interested in the application space this last tip will test you, you will continue to create apps and you will recognize it, then you will learn a new one every time you launch I have to tell you that creating simple apps, I feel like the app store is fragmented these days, we are not looking for an all-encompassing solution looking for an app to help us do one or two things. Things go very well and if you research that market and you create simple applications you will learn a lot along the way, then you will eventually hit it one, even if it is a marketing strategy its product idea is you are going to get rid of it at the end Will attack and test your determination, it will test whether you are interested in the application space because if you do not you will create it and you will have the app store is very difficult, but applications People who are serious about things are going to create tons of them and they will always create them until you recognize them all. Whether it’s through market research or not, gh ASO is going to combine all of these tips into one that will get you the right printer to make sure it works with the right influencer, and eventually you will have that success.

 That’s right guys it’s super simple five juicy tips you can use to grow without spending any money on marketing Let’s redesign your downloads with number 2 with one last working number effect. Create juicy content number 3. Use the unique strategy number 4 to get reporters’ attention. Work hard on market research and finally number 5 if you no longer feel it and keep creating apps. Maybe the app space isn’t for you right guys let me know how much I appreciate you right now. The content you want me to create I have created a ton of video and I like your feedback on what kind of content should be created. Also, stay tuned for an announcement at the beginning of the year. I’m so excited about a new YouTube channel and a new podcast and stay tuned for that. I’m going to talk more about business How to manage a team of tenants How to schedule meetings? Sell ​​Yourself I’m going to talk a lot more about the business side, not just the app marketing side, but we will continue to do so because the owners are still strong.

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