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My favorite investment method is to take a very small amount of money and get it worth more than what we started. But the problem is that it still does not have enough money. So let’s get more value out of it. It is my most valuable investment method but my second favorite method is etfs. This video is where my name begins. Andre Jake Welcome to you Have a good week and let’s go up Top 10 EFFs or exchange trading funds that look like this deck of 20 cards that are said to be worth 20 will now spread among these various stocks that make up 20 of your funds in one of these funds.

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Now some of these companies or stocks are more valuable than others but the point of trying to do this is to achieve full diversification. It’s a fantastic way of saying that even if you have a game card you like, you need the whole deck of cards you can play with. If that gamble has zero meaning to that effect then investing effectively is what I am trying to say is that I am really good at a deck of cards and do not put all your money into one sports card. Because if you lose that sports card you will lose all your money and it will never be stoned. There are currently over 2 000 etfs. This means that it’s very difficult to decide what is best to buy now, so my top favorite etfs I want to share with you is 10 This should never be the best etfs guide at all.

This is one random person on the internet and remember I play with toy cards Remember all that now The first five I am going to share with you have a growth tendency and the other five will tend to cash flow or dividends . That means I don’t really need to sell those ETFs to make money and they both have advantages and disadvantages because they pay monthly or quarterly, but I hope this guide will at least steer you in the right direction so you can get what you want best. You can decide and keep in mind that you can select more than one ETF. You can choose three, three, four or five as you wish. Coming in the top five growths and coming in at number one vt Let me ask you how many shares you need to own one stock.

By owning one VT stock you own the whole world and we own the market you have. James Bond is bad at the moment but if you believe that the world will be in a better place for 20 to 30 years now, you are going to do good and you may want to consider this etf. The fund is only about 7% of ours, but pioneers think international markets will give us better results in the next 10 years, but Warren Buffett, the world’s best investor, disagrees, but one thing is certain. No one gets a clue how you can own something like , but this is done by having a combination of 55 vti and 45 vx at a slightly lower cost rate.

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Save a very small amount of money, especially if you have BukBucks, if a point zero makes a difference, it’s another way to do it, and the number 2 qqq is now a very popular investment option and I want to cover it in the early 1900s The sector in which we invested in things like steel ore and heavy industry was the construction of railway and bridge infrastructure. It made that sector grow rapidly but nowadays it is not only a fixed dividend sector but also a really hot sector technology to boast of today and we have companies like Apple Google Amazon Facebook Tesla MySpace.

Check to see if you are still awake. MySpace is your only friend  If you have more than 100 companies from the technology-heavy Nasdaq, we are now entering the technological age of 20 to 30 years so we were able to look back at the beginning of 2020 Suppose only. In technology and we thought it was expensive or 30 years and looking back it could be a way of surpassing 2020 technology and the best products have already been created but I know that the dominance of the generally speaking sectors is usually temporary or cyclical and very tempting to look at .

Assume that the chart and it will continue to grow over the next 10 years. Maybe that’s a big responsibility Peter comes with a lot of power, which means you have to take those risks bigger than you, so if you’re young this fund might be for you but keep in mind that this fund has a beta That means it’s a little more volatile than the average stock market, which means you’re better off with an emotional roller coaster.

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Because if you buy yourself a one-way ticket and come third, the Arc Fund or the ship. Now this is actively managed as opposed to dormantly managed fund which means that there is a real man who works hard day and night to find these shares and for that reason we have to pay a higher spending rate of 0.75% 75 for every 10,000. It doesn’t look like we’ve investing a lot here, but it’s actually a lot of money compared to a lot of other funds, but this one is specifically directed by Cathy Wood. He looks at disruptive technologies and seeks to dominate the market. One of the core parts of the arc is Tesla, which has done incredibly well this year and only got this last year. Compared to the overall stock market returns, there are 65 arc gains.

It averages 65 percent compared to 7 percent a year, but one of its biggest strengths and weaknesses is that it has been actively managed and there is little evidence that it can defeat funds that people have been dormant for decades. Evidence that we as human beings can get better stock than following market trends, yes, it may go up to 65 this year but maybe next year technology will not be so successful and it will not be. He is an extremely aggressive investor in growth and you will want to consider this stock coming in fourth. It’s Vanguard’s SP500 ETF and it’s a mind-blowing way to say that it tracks the top 500 companies in the entire U.S. Of course this cannot be misunderstood.

It is at the core of many people’s ministries and its closest siblings will be something like Russian or spy or spy cause. Some studies have suggested that it has a cooler-sounding ticker symbol, which may help it work better than other non-cool ticker symbols. It’s weird and finally number 5 is my personal favorite and it makes every working person in America work with their mindset every day on suits and ties to make you more money. It’s a really cool feeling.

I have an item and I have this but theoretically only if you try to escape with that item you will most likely be arrested but do not try to explain to the officer that you have a point zero zero zero zero 1 percent. It will not trust me now because you have vti in that item. My two top favorites, etfs vti and voo, are almost identical. Vo is at a fairly good level but they both have the top 10 companies. But of course they can be interchanged and if you like big companies you should go with voo and if you want to own all the companies go with bti, but you will not go wrong with one of them and you do not want to own both Choose one that is available or the other. It’s good, but if you buy something like Vo or VT and put 80 of your money in it and the other 20 in vbtlx,

the bond to smooth it out is etf. Ride as JL Collins says you can set up for the rest of your life literally stop watching this video, but please do not, because you will miss cash flow and passive income dividends and I will miss the ad revenue, but I love this fund so much .

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Ah it’s a 25 percent piece because it’s monthly or quarterly and it took me forever to take that step and coming in at number five is great now. If dividend aristocrats could have their own service, this is literally the case. Even with dividend yields, it is very cool to increase their dividends directly for 25 years or more

The downside is that they’ve grown around 12 of those dividends over the last five years. You’m going to make a big increase for that stability, but not everyone cares about the yield, so you may want to consider adding this to your portfolio. Especially if you are older, that stability and the history of timely payments to you by companies comes in fourth, it is chchd and it is the Charles Schwab us dividend fund. At just six dollars for every 10k invested, the garbage profit has grown over time, which is exactly what we want to see, and in the last five years it has grown 10 times its dividend, and last year alone it grew 20 percent When it pays us quarterly it is an overall dividend etf and coming in third is at a very good level. It does not represent the Frontier Dividend Fund and it acknowledges that increasing companies accept a dividend yield of 1.81, their dividend for 10 years and edit.

But the low yield of it causes it to grow so one grower does not bathe but one way to replace the wig is with digro, which is exactly the same principle and the companies in this etf have increased their dividends by five. Years but both are the same and coming in at number 2 is vym, which is Vanguard’s highest dividend yield. It currently has a yield of 3.5 and has returned an average of 6.7 since the fund was created. In the stock market it is actually a dirty profit cost ratio of 0.06 and owning one of these stocks will give you 428 different shares. That means you will be extremely diverse. There is not much I can say about it. Amazing etf I would like to own more and the number one spot is now spd.

I have invested about six thousand seven hundred dollars for this and it pays me about five to five percent. The starting point is a spending rate as high as 3 percent and it doesn’t look like much. But it’s a really good thing, it pays monthly but it’s not my number one favorite. For some reason some of these top lists have better growth and lower yields while others have lower growth and higher yields. Skip this video My list is never going to make that common mistake unless you watch this next part because that person’s video was not so fast you are going to have to open your broker account.

People are going to look through all the other dividends etfs they buy and you are going to see something called sdiv the super dividend etf which looks like it was made from my childhood dreams but at least think seriously about the translated super sion etfs. Cyan yells at you immediately instead of yelling at you for half an hour before I do it to be super, but somehow you’re going to find sdiv and you will see a huge 12 dividend yield, it’s worth paying you a month and you can with a hundred thousand dollars more than I earn Make more money, then you can not put all your money in sdiv audrey I was stupid I can find a better way but there are several reasons why you do not do this and reason number one it has a very high spending rate When you do 12 correctly it is not much the same.

This is because when you have a high dividend yield, it means that it is often invested in volatile companies and there is an inverse relationship as their prices go down and down. Dividend yield increases and dividends yield increases as prices fall, so sdiv looks at what stocks have priced since 2011. It seems to you that your money is in a fetish state like Voldemort on the King’s Cross. If you invested a million dollars in 2011 you are sure to make some money with your dividends. But after all that, your 100,000 will be less than half of what you had when you first invested. Making money is when you rob one place and throw it away.

But you’ll fall behind when you run the bill, so you’re actually doing nothing and remember that investing is a long-term game of remembering a value trap that many people make the mistake of not getting to this point in the video. You better go with something more traditional today. After 20 to 30 years of holding the fund due to the percentage dividend yield, you can increase your yield by four, five, six, or more depending on the cost, and we want that triple ownership to increase the value of those shares as the share price. We need those dividend payments and we want to increase those dividend payments over time

. But better yet you are probably better off going with vti. You will surpass most of the average dividend investors. If you have good peace of mind but you like to invest in growth, you can not go wrong with the etfs I have provided, but make sure you get your own return on anything you do before you invest so you always have money in the short term Lose but you will most likely end up making money because the stock market is the best active asset class in the whole world but I’m sure I missed a few of your favorite etfs and if you let me know in the comments below I will include them in the second part I will try, but in the meantime if you have not already done so sign up with free weibo Free Stock Fund You can get a second free stock from Robin Hood worth up to $ 1,400 for your account and I now look like a complete seller. But you can join my free dissent link.

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