what is fixed deposit ?

What you must know about Term Deposit

Earning a Banking Platform This approach can take thermal deposits with a timely deposit code disc to welcome her. Let us first discuss the characteristics of fixed deposit friends as the RK deposit is called a fixed deposit and the other is called a recurring deposit. The fixed deposit amount is deposited on a one time basis and this is deposited for a fixed period. Each bar in the Fixed Deposit Accounts can store KIA data or Fixed Term Clear Deposit KIA data. The maturity of fixed deposits can be a minimum of seven days and a maximum of ten years.

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Immature withdrawals are permitted subject to a fine. Therefore this amount is accepted by the bank as fixed. The maturity period states that the customer must show Jessica permission to withdraw the money, but it is subject to a penalty, which the bank may impose, as a refund, as the customer may be allowed a premature refund in case of need. Kalita Hay or Immature will also allow for what friends can lend. The customer can get a loan relative to the current value of the deposit. Tap our main customer for premature withdrawals. Deposits can be repaid from time to time against credit races that act on major current value tests. Or it can be paid at maturity. The fixed amount with the principal is on average per milliliter.

From time to time Pika Hosaka matures yes and Principal Jia Jia says the supplier under scrutiny is from an income tax point of view the taxable income per capita manager ega If the annual interest rate is more than 10,000 $ the bank authority is Ajay Agra, so we are financially This is an annual interest element check for one year of inspections. If it exceeds $. TDS tax deduction applies at origin. When the interest amount exceeds  10,000$ , the banks deduct the interest rate.

If the principal and interest amount is more than 10,000 $, it will be more than 20,000 $. When that amount is 20,000$ and no payment is made for maturity. Money can only do that to the account. Therefore, when the payment is less than  20,000 $, this payment can also be made in cash, but if the principal and the motivator make a joint payment of $  Since the fixed deposit cannot be transferred to another person’s name through an account, it cannot be transferred if an account is opened but the name of B can be added. So let’s look at the features of a fixed deposit that can be added if you open an account in the name of B.

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In recurring deposits, many aspects of fixed deposits are the same. A different ally like LAR Characteristic FX deposits is that the recurring deposit is deposited once a month for a fixed period. Therefore, when calculating the deposit, a fixed deposit amount is deposited on a one-time basis. That amount is deposited each month for a fixed period of time based on maturity. Cumulative total balance and interest are paid to the customer in one installment. At the end of that period, the entire accommodation balance and interest will be refunded to the customer at the end of that period. Other rules applicable to fixed deposits also apply to recurring deposits.

How to grow money through a fixed deposit account

Fixed Deposit Account There is a product called Bank Fixed Deposit Account which is made up of one million shillings and above If you go to your branch manager here and tell me we both started our savings and we have some money and you need to keep it for us To take but I want you to give us a good interest.

We can only give you 6.5 percent of the investment trap account we have, but if you need more you tell us yes you give us that money and if we keep it for you you can give it for three months or six months or 12 months Keep for.

If you do not come and take it back we will give you a little better interest. We give you nine percent, we give you up to ten percent depending on how much you invest and how long you keep it with a bank. Withdraw money from your Gift Investment Social Account and they will give you a guarantee that at the end of the app they will give you 10% and at the end of the year it will be 1.1 million.

Why you should not invest in Fixed deposits for long term ?

Long-term investment in a fixed deposit Why should you break the bond with a fixed deposit and reconsider your relationship with a fixed deposit? For that, I want to first talk about why people invest in fixed deposits. The main reason is that you know that they are safe and that they are simple and have nothing to do with fixed deposits, since we have been conditioned to invest in fixed deposits since our childhood.

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Safety Equipment We are always required to invest in a fixed deposit in a secured manufacturing bank or to secure our money even in a fixed deposit in the company. There must be life and there is nothing wrong with that. I mean, it’s okay to invest in fixed deposits, but sometimes I’ve talk about it, so let’s first understand what the issues are. What are the benefits to you of fixed deposits? You get a maximum of eight percent at the top, like seven and a half percent. What do we say about inflation? Inflation is about eight or ten percent every year and everything is eight to ten percent expensive. Exists. Take a look at how it has risen over the past year. From seven to eight years, what we spent fifteen years ago or ten years ago, and what exists today, causes the price situation to rise dramatically.

So you earn seven or eight percent of the fixed deposit and that is inflation. Eight to ten percent you will eventually get your 100 Rs 108 and something that was Rs 100 will cost you hundreds and it is now Rs 110 you can buy that you have reduced your purchasing power, so you have a good idea My money has grown by one lakh rupees and my lakh has become eight lakh rupees but I have actually received money Somewhere you really lost money and we have not thought of it this way for a year.

It’s not a good thing if this happens, but it’s a big problem if your money continues to grow numerically, but not with purchasing power, if this combination continues to happen for 10 to 30 to 30 years, think about it, I think. It may not be, but if you think about it, can you see in the numbers what has happened in the last 5 years? You will realize that your money is on slow poison. I mean, I like to call it that, so the first reason is that the second reason is that your fixed deposit benefits are not optimized for taxation like anything you earn, and if you equate to a 30 percent bracket you pay 30 percent of those benefits at once so the benefits are not so great Top you pay tax then post tax correction deposits are not so good, so now you will say ok I do not invest in a fixed deposit manish but what about the option what is the option? So I’m going to talk about two things here. The first is that I do not invest at a fixed value but there is no other safe option.

I do not want to lose my money for them. I would say the alternative is a debt mutual fund. These are mutual funds that are similar to fixed deposits in that they are safe or they provide a very high level of security. Therefore, these mutual funds are very safe and the weakest deposits have two advantages. The first is that the returns you get from it are better than fixed deposits and when I say better it can go up to one and a half or two percent more than traditional corrections. Ed deposits and the second advantage is that these loans cut the tax on mutual funds as they do on fixed deposits.

What taxes do you pay each year? Even if you do not earn it, it does not come into your bank account, but to calculate and pay taxes on it, but you can postpone the taxation portion of what happens from the debt mutual fund, so if you invest in 2016 and you invest next 10 years until 2026 Let’s say. There is no tax dialogue between them. It only comes when you sell the funds well and even then taxation is better. It’s not 30 percent and I don’t go to the tax department. But it is more optimal compared to fixed misses so you can earn anywhere from one and a half or 1.8 The number of times I say compared to your fixed deposit when you invest for a period of 10 years or so is 100,000$ if you are investing Rs.100,000 in a traditional fixed deposit and finally look at X Rs. You can earn 1.5 X 2 to X anywhere. Your wealth is doubling from mutual funds and the risk level is pretty much the same.

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I mean right volatility is very low so read on and read more about it The second option is for a person who can take a little risk and they are ready to see the world actively with their money and for those people I recommend stock mutual funds. When you hear the stock market you feel like my God my money is so risky but it will fall. But that’s not the case for a period of 10 years, such as 10 years or 20 years. Hicori Mutual Funds Benefits or even direct stocks are very high.

So if your name is the target for you 10 years 13 years 15 years 15 years 20 years stock mutual funds I can tell you products that can still be suggested Look at fixed deposits, but when looking to keep your money on the lips After a year or a year and a half, your focus is not on your benefits but on simplicity and the liquidity of money. If that is your main focus, I would say you can still look at a traditional fixed deposit. But still you are told that you can still invest in a liquid fund loan fund and get your money out of one or two of your funds. Since there are a maximum of three or four days or so, think about debt mutual funds or equity mutual funds but investing in fixed deposits.

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