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Which is Better? Forex or Stock Trading?

It has better forex or stock and advantages. As a trading , many people speak by default to one or another ownership, which is usually the way of someone who has previously invested in UK shares. U.S. stocks often begin to trade stocks. Currency and Forex Exchange Leaders offer you what to look for in day trading when you are trading fast with social markets. Normally forex is all about getting rid of the advertising bundle in marketing so naturally you come to me when I start trading The first thing I traded with UK stocks in 2001 and I started when no one was talking to me about the stock market. Of course I got involved with it and of course I bought some stock. It rose magically. Trading with you in UK stocks I had never heard of money at the time, so it tends to be how you get drawn to it once you get there. Now you hear that you have stock where the merchandise is. Being different is better for you, so it’s better than cash advantages, so the lower margin is usually larger.

Now that is not so true with ESMA, because they have changed the rules for Europe a bit but generally speaking that you can handle more money with foreign exchange does not require enough money to get a sense of exposure. Generally speaking it is usually they are very fluid and it is important for most of us now don’t you want to be ab? It was a little cautious when someone told me I was trading forex When listening to you with a million pound account, contradict almost all the parts we need, liquidity is not an issue, when you talk about an account less than a million pounds you have a size of 100 million and sometimes the stock starts to fall right to you A few thin stocks can’t start trading and can be a million or more. But you get the point that you can still trade a large wholesale universe, so yes he has the liquid but being a little concerned about that is what I mean by data loading. So many FX traders have a lot of tools, so look at this large amount of data and there are free charts, so FX is perfect for trading and not spending too much time if you really want to get involved.

There are less barriers to entry and in other words you can start with the same type of thing for hundreds of rupees or hundreds of pounds and you can get free data Get all the analytics you need Update You can get tons of tools for free and you can get big There is a slightly higher barrier to the cost of access as a wholesale commodity and you have to pay for specific stock data if you want. The whole set of data you have to pay for a two day level of data If you want to get those granules you have to pay a little more for research and you know there is a lot to start with FX but now I guess there are as many as in the issue of fraud colonization Corner workers can be a big noise. But you know the usual low barrette talk is that entering free charts is good for kind players. The last thing you want to do is enter the business casually, unlike the parts where you have pat and day trading rules, not day trading rules. If you are primarily a day trader we should have $ 25,000 or more.

You can do anything your oyster needs. If you like to spread it out it is very narrow as well and the trading cost is much lower than the normally talking parts. Even if you know about your trade, you usually talk Trading what is spread with your broker while trading the Euro US Dollar is almost free and it is the sixth point, not exactly four. Some kind of bank marketing commissioners know if it is trading through you. Trading is cheap and it is a lucrative way to get involved in trading anyway. Why do so many people kindly seek that path and adapt to it? Let’s look at the advantages of stocks. So I do a more extreme swing to get to that guy I believe the stock usually has a more extreme swing. Maybe you don’t think it’s all normal, but I think you know that you can see huge swings in some stocks.

Switch it when you know if you are trading for a while, you will know that we often see serious movements in currency pairs, but they can go on for years without doing anything and in fact they can stagnate when they come to the level all at once. You always have to get something rocking and big big Facebook and Amazon and even big market caps have big marginal changes and it doesn’t even consider a few small ones like your biotechnology. My marginal swings may tend when I think of it as a profile for coaches and swing traders and then one is a big university trade and yes, you have a large number of money pairs as minors. Etc., but there are more stocks, so if you’re specifically set up to look for trading trends, then you’re more likely to find what you need and a chart of the stock universe than you do in the money universe.

The good one I like is the gaps you know I like the trade gaps I obviously like the fours with the money gap Twenty-four You want to get that sunset gap You will get a gap for the truly extreme news Words are super rare They are your openings and There are gap closure gaps that allow you to generate opportunities when you earn and I think earnings are right. Current data is not really coming to market and hard listings are changing as fast as other earnings however it may be a bit like one of us in one place or another but people don’t know what is coming out then you know take a little step with earnings in some way By going you can get really different moves which makes it very easy and if you are trading wholesale based options you know gives good chances of earning. In general, a really big universe is a trade, but generally speaking, if you think about the bulk of it and the size of it, it’s one of the big psychological things I’ll found. Or it could be 2 or 3 out of 1. They don’t seem to be able to handle it. They get frustrated. You know Apple can’t catch Apple You can trade these thousands of non-trades and there are many opportunities as opposed to shorts. If you think this is a long term and harassment of stock trading then these are the most obvious trading ideas. If you are short in stock you will think that the value of the companies will increase and you will think that it will decrease in value. It’s a very simple kind of trade. You have to go ahead as it deals with one pair of money and it pairs with another.

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You will definitely not go a long way. It basically means that it surpasses the other. Assets You have some sort of nasty avenue with a trillion difference between two issues and you may be bullish on one side but the side of the pair here is also bullish. Then it sits there and does nothing and does the right thing. If I think you have to work a little harder on the short vs. long vs. dollars I am going to pair what I want to pair against the weaker pair because I want to pair against the weaker pair so maybe it’s a slightly different kind of thing It is my opinion that an analysis should be made. I know some people may be like you. I have to do a duty on the charts and it works for me and it’s cool but I think if long work is short and you know it has a bad stock it looks dangerous, then there is a chance to go short. I think where do you get these most extreme swings? Others you know naked who are a little impatient take this offer and ask for small transfers but the big ones are very rare, so let me know what you think of any boy who has FX and stock versus.

Forex Trading Scams Revealed

Forex market” Many people have queries regarding selection of correct broker, what is forex, how to invest etc This video is to clarify about all the queries regarding Forex market In this video we are going to see what is happening behind forex market before entering into forex market, we are going to understand about the important thing of forex market This is not the basic video about forex market I will upload another video in the future regarding basics of forex like PIP, Exchange, Base currency, Quote currency etc., Today we are going to see where/when and how to invest in forex market We are going to reveal what is happening behind the forex brokerage Many people would have fallen in forex scams and lost their money for false claims Today we are going to see what is the ugly truth behind the broker in forex Forex market is like an Exchange In India we have NSE, BSE, MCX exchange which are all regulated brokers But whereas forex is not regulated by any governing bodies SEBI is the governing body for NSE, BSE exchange etc But forex is an OTC market (Over the counter market) which is not regulated by any governing bodies In few countries Forex market is regulated, we call that as regulated brokers. We will see about regulated brokers in the latter part of the video.

Now we will see what is behind the broker trading There are 2 sides in forex, Retail side and Broker side Regarding retail side I will post a video in future In this video we will see whats happening on the broker side First thing you should know is what are all there behind the broker side See white board for the list 1.) Liquidity Provider 2.) Prime Broker (White Labels) 3.) MT4 terminal 4.) Retail traders People who are seeing the terms for the first time might get confused, let me give you an explanation The first are Liquidity provider who is behind the broking then comes Prime broker who has MT4 terminal the MT4 terminal has three types a. Admin panel / b. Manager / c.

Client The last comes the retail traders so we are going to see what are all happening in this We will see who are Liquidity provider In the normal trading world we have only two people Buyer and Seller When the buyer and seller come into contact for a transaction is called trade The contact bridge between buyer and seller are Liquidity Provider (LP) For example: – When a seller sells 1.01001 EUR/USD to buyer, the person who connects both buyer and seller are LP LP is a form of an exchange, who connect the buyer and seller There is no problem with LP, because they are just an exchange who connects buyer and seller to get a small commission.

xample:- EUR/USD , GBP/USD, USD/JPY all these pair are given by LP After liquidity providers then the brokers come in In our Exchange, NSE/BSE gives the quotes to the broker So, there is no problem with LP as their job is to connect the buyer and seller and provide us quotes LP gives quotes to each broker accordingly People who are already doing forex will know about quotes Example: quote is 1.0100  Bid/Ask is 1.0101, the last digit in Bid/ask price is called as PIP In Bid/Ask, the 4th digit is PIP and the 5th digit is Pipette which is called as decimal point We will see about PIP now The difference between 1.0100  1.0101, is given as commission to LP The LP job is giving the spread and receiving a minimum amount of commission from spread LP doesnt do direct marketing to the people Examples of LP:- Saxo Bank, JP Morgan chase, Deutsche bank, Goldman Sachs, Lmax etc All they are like investment bank acts as a middleman to give quotes to broker. Hope you have an understanding about LP, now we will see about Broker Broker are of two types 1.) Prime Brokers 2.)

White Labels First, we will see about Prime brokers, who are also called as Regulated brokers Prime brokers are regulated by certain countries I dont want to mention about any Prime broker concern specifically You can search in Google for more information If you search in google, you can find a list of regulated broker in a country who has bought registration to run a proper brokerage firm Any concern can get white label from Prime brokers White labels are called as Sub-brokers We see how it works; LP provide quotes to Prime broker. Prime broker would have bought original MT4 or MT5 software by paying full license amount MT4 or MT5 is a tool to do forex For example: NSE provide us NEST/ODIN trading platform Likewise, to do forex we need MT4 or MT5 tool Recently MT4 has been stopped only MT5 is in effective Prime brokers who are already having MT4 can use it, but acquiring new MT4 is not possible.

Primer broker gets quotes from LP and feed it in MT4 software, that connecting point is called as bridge Datas in the white board is confusing, let me show you a proper flow chart to understand easily LP providing quotes to prime broker, the prime broker uses MT4 to feed in quotes A software tool which connects the quotes and MT4 is called as Bridge Once the quotes and MT4 matches, you start to run a brokerage firm Till now there is no involvement of retail traders and no issues for retail trader (See chart) LP provides quotes through bridge to MT4 From MT4, retail trader starts trading in it As a retail trader, you got the quotes directly from live market through bridge to MT4, where you start to trade Till now there is no problem for retail traders, but now Im going to explain about the forex scams which involved in this Hope you understand about the above flow structure.

Now we are going to see about the important structure behind the broker Till now we saw a structure which is called as STP (straight through process), LP gives quotes to MT4 through bridge and retail traders use it When a retail trader places a buy or sell order, it directly goes to LP who acts a middleman to buyer and seller and trade takes place For that execution of trade, a small commission goes to LP and Prime broker as well This is the normal procedure happens in forex market But we are going to see what all scams can happen in between these procedures MT4 software has Admin panel and manager panel options Deposits and Withdrawals can be done in admin panel Admin panel is owned by prime broker, so they can only give withdrawals and deposits Prime broker got their admin panel directly from LP In manager panel, we will have quotes to trade, but no deposit or withdrawal.

Difference between admin panel and manage panel is Admin panel has quotes, deposit and withdrawal process But in Manager panel, we have only quotes, but we cant do deposit or withdrawal Manager panel is owned by white labels As I told u earlier white labels are sub brokers White label job is to get the deposit and withdrawal and send it to prime broker and in turn he will send it to LP This is the proper process But what lot of people started to do is they go for White label instead of Prime broker because to obtain Prime broker , all you need is to have a huge amount of money for regulation process, waiting time, registration and experiences etc,. If you have this only you can be a Prime broker To get white labels is very easy, because it is just a sub broker ship you can find any Prime broker concern and get sub broker ship from them.

a regulated Prime broker wont give sub broker ship to any white labels There are few concern who is greedy for money, gives sub brokership to white labels They are certain people who gives a fixed amount of money and occupies the manager panel illegally and manipulate us that they are the Prime brokers and direct us by saying deposit and withdrawal procedures can be done through us. But the truth is they have only quotes, nor deposits or withdrawals So as a retail trader if you ask me what is problem occur for me in this Im going to tell you what all scams they can do in Manager panel In admin panel, regulated broker is doing the process genuinely.


In manager panel, there are two sub divisions  these are the important structure Two subdivisions are A Book Vs B Book If you wonder what are these terms, let me explain you A book means straight connect to LPs As a retail trader if you wonder how ABook functions is If a retail trader places buy entry, it goes through MT4 panel and connect through bridge and reaches LP From LP only the retail trader will get his quotes Suppose if the retail trader buy entry earns profit, he will get his profits from LP Because someones loss is a profit for this retail trader So, LP connects the Buyer and seller, and gives you the profit from the seller This is called a STP (straight through process) which comes directly from LP is called as ABook B Book means LP, Quotes and a trade placed by the Retail Trader will also be there In this scenario if the retail trader places a buy or sell entry, it goes to MT4, what happens after it reaches MT4 As I told you earlier the connecting bridge between the MT4 and quote is called bridge White labels will cut the bridge, what happens is ………..

In Book, buy and sell will happen, MT4 and LP will be there, but the connecting bridge wont be present because white labels cut the bridge, want to know why? 99% broker knows that, 95% of retail trader loses money in the market, only 5% elite traders make profit in the market White label are well aware of this theory, hence they cut the connecting bridge So, when a retail trader places a buy entry it wont reach LP, it stops at MT4 itself What is the benefit for them to cut the connecting bridge? Let me explain with example You have invested 1000 dollars on equity capital and you incurred a loss of 100 dollars in this particular trade Only when the loss amount reaches LP, it can connect another buyer and seller But in this scenario, 100-dollar loss stopped in MT4 itself, so this loss amount goes into Brokers pocket.

If a trade doesnt connect to LP it is called Virtual Live account Trade takes place in the A-Book is called as Live account, because it is directly connected to LP Trade takes place in the B-Book is called a Virtual Live account, where everything will be just fine, but a connecting bridge will be missing and your trades will not be executed in live markets. Since it is not connected to the live market all the losses you make goes to brokers pocket In case if you make profits, broker (white label) has a risk to give the profit amount from his pocket White label can take all your losses, but if you make profits he has to give from his pocket A book is a regulated brokers / B book is a white label Now what happens is all your trades will stop at MT4 and wont reach LP So, all the retail trader loss will be brokers profit and retail traders profit will be brokers loss Retail traders mindset will be, what if all my trades are only Profit wont that make the broker to incur heavy loss As I told you earlier, 95% retail traders loss money in the forex market White labels clearly understood this theory If there are 100 traders in B book account, and each one of them invested 1000 dollars So, the total amount is 100000 dollars, in that 95000 dollars will be going in losses, because most of the people make only losses Because of lack of knowledge, manipulation by broker, greediness of earning money everyone lose money in the market 95 % of traders make loss and only 5 % people made profit So, what broker does is, they collect all the loss amount from 95% of people and distribute the profit to 5% of people Altogether broker will be in profit of 60 to 70 thousand dollars These mentioned figures are just for sample, but in real, crores of amount is involved in these scams In NSE or MCX, if you are requesting for sub broker, you have to use only their brand name Its a rule that Prime broker can give sub brokers to white label, but white label has to directly send to LP But they hodgepodge in between and one more advantage for white label is they can choose their own brand name but that is the problem for us For instance: – XYZ’s is a Prime broker giving sub broker ship to white label It is not necessary for the white label to keep the same name, they can name it as ABC Since they have chose a new name, it looks like new concern but in real they are not a Prime or regulated broker, they are just white label So all our trades wont connect to bridge, they just stop at MT4 and all the retail traders loss goes into broker pocket with many loss amount of retail traders, they just distribute a small amount to the traders who made profit And white labels earn a good amount of profit through this manipulating There is one more scam happens If you are already in forex market you might have noticed few scams which happens like a sudden spike in the market compared with other broker, suddenly your trades will be missing etc.,

Let me explain you another type of scam with a scenario we will see what all hodgepodge can be done in manager panel In manager panel, if your are placing a buy order, a broker can manipulate chart and price if you think wont they get caught by manipulating live market, No, as i told you earlier about Abook & B book A-Book trade alone goes direct to LP B book is all virtual trading, all that happens in B Book stays in manager panel itself so they have the ability to change the sell trade as buy and buy trade as sell i don’t know how many of you came across this situation, When you login to your account, in manager panel it will show that you are online You place a buy entry and stop loss/target and logged of the account to check the trade after 3 hours after 2 hours you check your phone and find your buy order has reached its target so you login to your PC, and find your trade has hit stop loss instead of target so when you check , the buy order you placed will wrongly show as sell order in the terminal In B-Book, manager panel has the ability to control your trades by changing buy order as sell, not only that they have the ability to manipulate the price For example:- if you have placed stop loss at 100 and the market trades at 98 , plus the spread is at 98.2

So if this particular trade hits stop loss, all your loss will go into broker account since it is trading in B-Book they will manipulate the price by widening the spread to 98-100, so your stop loss will be triggered but in live chart the spread will be 98 – 98.2 In B-Book when they manipulate the spread it is called as Spread hunting During news time, there will be more of spread hunting scams happen suddenly they widen 10-15 spreads, so most of the traders stop loss will be triggered When all your stop loss is triggered, broker makes a huge profit After learning about all forex scams, if you think should we trade in forex You can still trade in forex, but chose a right broker to chose a right broker, ask many questions NSE, BSE, MCX are trustable exchanges, because it is regulated by a governing body SEBI since you have learnt about all the forex scams, next time when a broker approaches you ask them whether they are a A-Book or B-Book broker When you put forth this question , they’ll fear and get away from you ask them to open and show their Liquidity Provider account some say they have the liquidity account in deutsche bank, saxo bank, jp morgan etc.,

don’ t believe by names, ask them to open the liquidity account and show it to you For example:- if a broker says they have LP account in LMAX, ask them to go into LMAX website and login to their account. When you place a trade in MT4, it reflects immediately in LMAX MT4 has different account, but LMAX account will be one, so when you place a order it will be punched in LMAX as well When you put forth these questions, people who wanted to scam , will run away from you without knowing anything if you trade in forex, then only the problem comes based on my 10 years experience i came to know about this and wanted to share the knowledge with you Many people has lost their money in forex scams Lack of knowledge is the biggest problem so if any broker approaches you, ask them whether they are Abook or Bbook, whether they are regulated If you trade and make loss is also fine, but losing money in forex scams is not acceptable just for name sake few brokers say they are regulated but ask them to show the proper regulation .

because they will show you the incorporation form, to fool you, a concern can be incorporated in any country as i told earlier ask them to open the liquidity provider and show you let it be 100 dollors or 1000 dollars , only when they qualifies in all the above queries then trust the broker and invest your amount Hope to an extent you learnt what is happening behind the forex market ?Next time if you wanted to trade in forex, check for all the rules.


Instant Profits and Losses and Tax-Free Extensive Betting Compared to anything you buy, you buy a stock saying you are buying a piece of real estate and if you wait until you sell it, you will not be able to make a profit with the foreign exchange exchange. If you buy an exchange position, you will see the market rise throughout the week. You can get those profits if we trade viruses. The market can make a profit for you very quickly and in fact the loss is taken from your account at once, so it is duplicitous but that does not mean you stay in the position for long. For example, after you have taken your account profit after your stop, you have to wait until a good place is liquidated and if you are actually betting on a virus spread, it is also easier to bet 24/5 worldwide. Take. If so, unlike the stock markets that are open and closed in the morning, foreign exchange trades from Monday to Friday from Sunday night to Friday. So there are a lot of 24/5 trading opportunities and if you trade it at night you work to fit your lifestyle, you can trade a little before bedtime. If you work during the day you can trade in the evening.

This means that your rest and limits can be filled at night when they are at rest. That perspective is very easy for you for No.3. You have hundreds of markets and you can choose from more than that. Choose something that fits your trading style, so you get all the key pairs like us.Dollars gbp / usd usd / jpy Going to other types of miners and foreign pairs costs other countries US dollars to cross each other and many of them are quite wide and foreign spread to choose from but there are still opportunities that mean it suits your trading style You can find something in the form Free Charts & Tools FX guys good charts free charts and if you find a chart website all charts are generally free Our trade free spread betting companies If you have one of the following description it is free and more you provide One is to chart and give free races and indices if you want to outdo yourself if you do not regulate the FX, that is, the footballer who charges the food may or may not have Futsi nutrition. Will charge you for those stock prices because it is their exchange and it is foreign exchange that exists in different markets. Different banks that trade interbank with each other that the rate change rate is not regulated, it is not restricted, there is no charge to pay, so freeze it Get FX data for free, then you will get one of these chart platforms not for shares but for you Real-time stock data is required to pay and the exchange must be paid for. But it’s easy.

But the most popular market for tools as workers there is merchandise and other tools that are very expensive but expensive but the fact is that many foreign exchange traders have given you these tools and if they are not free they are relatively inexpensive and like websites The number five very cheap Detroit will be rolled out for an extra special supply. The number of people reselling any other device means that companies can spread the volume they play very strongly to the game. If you look at other non-priced devices, the spread will expand because most people know they are trading and they have to make money from it so it is very profitable to spread the trade too tightly. Betting again on CFD trading will be much lower if you trade our commission structure commissions. You are ready to trade the interbank rate rather than the old minimum spread. Forex is a really good thing, I can say that you can control a large number of locations with a relatively small account, so let’s say the lever is two thousand pounds with a hundred worth of ground where you can control the hoplight covers. It is very useful for what can be useful and allows you to think that it can be useful.In general, it’s very easy to check the opposite side of your trade Euro US Dollar from the falling markets, where my number seven used news works well. For example, it is easier to take a long position than in a short one.

The position is to take advantage of a falling market, so if you think the exchange rate will fall between the pound and the US dollar, for example, you can guess that it will simply rise for profit in a market that falls as easily as he thought, and The number eight earnings gap is not at risk for that, so unlike earnings shares or stocks that release information about the company and then the company can remain dramatically high or dramatically open, you could incur a very catastrophic loss. You still do not get paid for a news stream that comes out with economic news information shared by Jordan. Again it is one of the freebies and you can see the economic calendar and the things that come out in the US interest rate announcements such as job numbers in different countries.

CPI has such a large number of influences on the money market but you know when the money markets are open they can carry money but it does not go into the gap as we get some gap in the weekend as you get some kind of news. On the weekends that affect that money you will have a gap from Friday night to Sunday evening, then the same time but you will get more time in the week when you risk any gap we will risk moving based on the news guys I worry a lot of research information , So again super popular because there is a lot of research information out there. Of course you will be concerned if you do not take everything but you can find some kind of information about how your currency pair trading affects the currency pair Some commercial currency pairs are called currency.

Some countries are influenced by other countries so you can do that research and it is very free and very similar to most things with internet. For example, you say, I’m just starting out, a special ist about the future of orange juice you can not keep so much information. Because I want to dress up from a retail point of view, FX is easy to get a lot of information and less of a barrier to entry. Boys do not have to spend a lot to open a cash account. If you have an immediate account you have one of the following details. If you want to see a betting company spread out, but you know that anyone else can open it, they can check out a small amount of money and you can train relatively quickly.

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