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what is the network marketing?

What is Network Marketing and How Does it Work

What is network marketing and if you are checking out thisnow maybe you are interested in network marketing or maybe join a company like this and maybe you are not sure about all the ins and outs or maybe someone told you, maybe This kind of business can be a scam or something like that, I will pull the screen back a bit, I have worked with one of these companies before. These companies can give you some insider information about how they work and how they work and show you how to make sure they are not a scam, so I will cover everything in this particular video. Network marketing is especially going to show you how it works, but first I want to give you a little bit of the background you need. My first business was working for a network marketing company called World Financial Group.

 I started back at 20 04 and I learned a lot from this company, especially life insurance products and investments so I did a lot with people who need licenses and did things like that and went to the homes of people who last sat down. Making them aware of their kitchen tables and finances From Rule 72 to how to make a loan snowball plan, I learned all this and I was able to teach others and get involved in my finances. The experience and how I left that company was how I managed my own money and number two, and how to run a business, something I didn’t know much about at the time and it was a very good education. And it is one of the benefits of working with a network marketing company, but in this video, I am going to show you how this process works and how it works in some way outside. You dive into a 30,000-foot overview of how these businesses work For this I will give you what it was like when you started with a network marketing company and worked in the rural finance team I started. The arrows show me that in fact, I am on a 25% commission. Every time I generated a commission I got 25% of the sales, so I made $ 25 if it was $ 100 to sell. It’s not that big now. But when you are new to a company like this you do not get 100% commission and knowing that it helps you understand that you are not moving all the money forward. I want to prepare you for this.

 Once you have proven yourself you have companies like this to prove right now and once you get a little ahead of the command line you have to do the next level 35% on average I want to mention here that the commission structures for all these companies are always changing. It should be what I did for the World Financial Group and what I earned while working for the company. So if you go up to one level, this is what you call a senior assistant. Why is it called Network Marketing and Multilevel Marketing? The level will receive a commission of 10%. Because 10 to 35% of them call it a spread and the next person above me will earn a 10% commission and after all the sales I finally say a marketing director they are my company world. The financial group called him a marketing director and the man earned a 60 percent commission on every sale they made, but again they would expand sales. They had a 35% commission and person would get a twenty-five commission and I would say well, why would that person get a 25% commission? The partner who comes to the company and the answer to this is the network. The person who manages the office managing all the other senior affiliates is the Director of Marketing and everyone below him was paying for all the expenses in the office. It seems that because of the types of things he had more common work as well as training and managing all the other people so this guy got a better commission. So when you are in a company like this, this is where you want to enter. 

There is a team below you who is a marketing director and he earns sales and commissions and earns its returns as earnings. Running a business like this will give you a passive income. This sound does not seem to be an easy business to implement, so it takes a little work to help you and not find a team of people to do these things, but I could do it and I wanted you to get into a business like a list This is a good business to get now and many people do not understand this and I want to know how can I know if a company like this is a scam or not? The simplest way to find out is that this company sells a product and when I work for the World Financial Group I always sell products and sell investments when I sell life insurance. These were investments in companies such as TransAmerica Prudential. Real Physics Companies This company you are trying to enter into is a 100% fraud if it does not sell a real product and they have to sell a product and if they do not sell a product it is more than a scam. If you can not identify that product and you can not identify it again it is a scam, so if you are interested now if you would like to learn more about network marketing.

Network Marketing Binary Strategy

We use a binary compensation plan that goes beyond the Pasio race in Masio. We think of it as the best binary strategy to build your business. You build with only two legs and one left leg to start a business. A business requires you to include one person under each leg. Let’s say this person is your sponsor. He puts you on his left leg to meet the requirements of the binary compensation plan. Your sponsor needs someone on his right leg sooner or later. He has only you to qualify and earn money and his primary goal is to build a strong business by putting aside any special bonuses. Every person in the business makes money based on low volume or low leg relative to high volume foot. Or remember Power Leg is your sponsor when we go and if this person you are here uses the strategy we have outlined here he will find that his right leg is growing as expected. Let’s move fast. Do not be ahead of us. This will become clearer as we move forward with this training. 

Keep in mind that he wants to put his next person on the left leg and he will pay for his lower leg, so the bigger the lower leg the bigger his power leg, the more money he earns, so he puts this guy right under you. Your sponsor wants the person above you to make his electric leg with another person below you and you repeat the same leg with your first-person where that person actually should be placed. Where is the best place to place this person on your right leg or right side of your left leg to help build your visas team business? There are two options you might think your new person should place on your right leg to build and balance your lower leg with your power leg, but the best strategy is to put the first person on your foot. When everyone does this it will grow like crazy because you want to contribute to creating another power leg. Then this left foot becomes your power leg. The next person will place them on your left leg. You will now get the start of a power leg. Now you can start making your right leg your lower leg.

 This leg determines how much money you will learn when this person is first brought here. The person should be placed on their right leg so that they can begin to form their power leg. What about the person who is above that right? To build on that force leg on the strong side of the bottom right side. When everyone uses this business-building strategy, they live their own lives. If this person puts their first person on a weak leg it will be his left leg instead and think about this. This guy is lost and he now has no choice but to build both his right and left legs on his own. It cannot be done. 

It is his work and the naturally built coexistence is lost. Using this binary strategy is OK if this person has not yet included anyone and if we bring down their first-person, their right leg should be placed where their first leg should be below their right leg at this point if this person is not currently recruiting anyone and they Where should their first-person be placed under their power leg? At this point where should their right leg and this person be the first person here to put their right leg down? Assume their left leg is yours at this point The entire Verso team is now committed to building our business right by duplicating the evolving strategies in a way that benefits everyone in your team and always keeps the first person you put on your power leg as everyone on your team wants to Remember to take. There is an advantage to a power leg and from then on everyone should focus only on building their lower leg and making money from this great strategy.

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