what is triodos bank?

what is triodos bank?

Triodos Bank in One Minute

Triodos Bank in One Minute

Imagine two banks, both employ helpful people who deal with your questions and both are financially sound. At each bank you can save regularly, earn interest and of course manage your account online. Only one bank does it differently, this Bank only invest in things which are good for both people and the planet. Things like renewable energy, organic farming and ecological development.

This Bank invests in businesses that want to make a healthy profit and what to make a positive difference to society. This bank finances those businesses only with money for their depositors and investors. So the money those people save is invested back into the society they live in. It’s actually very simple both savers and investors help to build a better more sustainable world. That one bank is us. Follow your heart, Use your head.

What’s it like to work at Triodos Bank?

What’s it like to work at Triodos Bank_

Sometimes at large corporate you feel like you’re just following the motions but here what excites you as people probing and questioning challenging. Thinking about why we’re here and doing what we’re doing. This is a environment where people are here because they choose to be here. You’re part of a community that are really committed to making things happen.

Saying you have a value is very different from actually living that value and I think Triodos makes such an effort to do that. I’m Dianne theme and I work on the contact’ team here at Triodos Bank. I moved here last year from America where I worked for a credit card company.

Moving here was very refreshing, for me the environment I was used to was more profit based and people were numbers and here at Triodos that’s completely different that’s not how we view things. We recognise people as individuals and their contributions that they have to the world. I’m Dan Evans I’m a business change analyst and I work within the business change and process improvement team. My journey into Triodos started at my previous role.

I was working on a large transformation program for one of the big retail banks and I was doing some research on different types of banking proposition in the UK and I came across this ethical bank called Triodos and started reading through and came to the mission statement, the whole idea of having a positive impact on the environment society and culture and for me what struck me was when you followed the mission statement and then looked at the lending policy they completely matched.

I just thought I was incredible like this this kind of the bravery to go yeah this is what we believe in and then we’re going to make sure that’s what we actually do. My name is Jeremy Pannell I’m a manager in the corporate finance team. At Triodos corporate finance team we’re all about connecting charities with with individual investors or with institutional investors. We’re client-facing so we spend a lot of our time with the organisations were helping to raise capital for so that might be on-site meeting the leadership team or the trustees or we might be meeting those individuals were actually trying to help raise money for. I think those that resonate with me most clearly the ones that have a really hard-hitting social impact. I’m Zoe Sear I’m the head of marketing and communications and I’ve joined from running Bristol’s year as European Green Capital.

I was aware of Triodos Bank because they were involved in Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, and I was really attracted to come and work for a different kind of Bank that’s really passionate and committed to tackling a lot of the societal challenges we see in the world today.

Joining Triodos Bank was for me a really exciting next step having become really involved in how to make sustainability mainstream, so it was a brilliant opportunity to take all of that learning and apply it to helping the bank take the next step in the UK market. Working for Triodos feels like you’re able to play a real role in using money to do good things. It feels like we’re really supporting a greater good. Everyone is united in their belief in what Triodos is doing.

Triodos Bank | Changing Banking for Good

Triodos Bank _ Changing Banking for Good

How do you measure success in numbers and profits? Or we need a new approach to banking for the positive change you have made in the world. This requires new leadership Why I want to challenge the banking industry and lead a business I want to share a progressive and sustainable model for real change banking. I have been working for sustainability for 20 years. Money can be one of the most powerful forms of democracy we have ever invested in.

The power to work for positive social, environmental and cultural change in our current systems has led to short-term and self-interest. It should not be this way I try to bring back the relationship between our money and us Do this to support our well-being and sustainability. This is at the heart of what we do and we need the banking sector to accelerate our positive impact by directing people to the environment before we make a profit. Does not have to be. Money has proven to work for more than 30 years to make a positive difference in society. A non-trading bank is not the only bank that challenges the way we do banking.


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